The Best Of The Wired Jester

A list of some of the best posts from The Wired Jester’s two-and-a-half year career, based on popularity and my own personal preference. Like all best ofs, it is weighted towards the later stuff and inexplicably includes some new releases :p

* Photographs of The Sedlec Ossuary (Bone Church) in the Czech Republic. Easily the most popular post, thanks to Boing Boinging linking to it.
* A trip to the world’s best army surplus store.
* Looking for a digital SLR for £500 or so? Quite a few choices aren’t there?!? I went for a Nikon D40. Here’s why.

* The Inbox of Awesomeness. Five great e-mail newsletters that will improve your disposition towards your inbox.
* The guest list for my ideal New Year’s Eve party.
* Japanese reading. Books and blogs on the land of the rising sun, a favourite topic of mine.
* Would Flickr work as a dictionary? A look at that old phrase “a picture is worth a thousand words”, through the lens of my fave Web2.0site.
* IPTV’s Biggest Problem.
* Why Web 2.0 is a bit like Bauhaus.

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