I’m the Head of Product for BBC News, and before that was Head of Product at The Telegraph; before that, I worked at Dennis Publishing for ten years, first as a journalist, then setting up an app and mobile dev team called Dennis Media Factory. The full details are on LinkedIn. Below, some links to talks, posts and ideas.

2010 – 2013: Apps at Dennis publishing
A wide range of products, including the Viz Profanisaurus and The Week. Here’s more about The Week (slides).

2013 – 2016: The Telegraph
Some interesting stuff on mobile, including Project Babb, a World Cup 2014 football blog focussed on younger audiences and social sharing, and several iterations of the core Telegraph mobile and tablet apps.

A massive responsive replatform of, with a focus on newsroom tools as well as a lot of work on performance, ad optimisation and onward journeys. Here’s a Mind the Product talk about the whole project, and some slides of a conference talk called “Journalism as a Product.”

2016 – present. BBC News
A lot of work on global growth: we launched 11 new services in Africa, India and Asia and boosted direct weekly audience to non-English languages by 121% over 4 years. We hired ~40 new technical staff across the UK and Africa, ran in-country user research in priority markets (West Africa, Indonesia, India) and iterated the product to focus on performance (eg made time to visually complete page load 62% better) to drive search and social.

A lot of work on content discovery, personalisation, focussed on apps, front page, topics and big live events (US and UK elections, COVID) too. A lot more work on strategy, on team, on culture and on coaching. Rewrote the digital strategy with a focus on innovation to drive a step change in personalisation. Some ideas here from NewsLabs.

Some deeper thinking about product:
On the importance of noticing to thinking about products.
On the way we build digital things, which right now, still feels
much like stone circles.
The importance of remembering – and embracing – the fact that nothing digital lasts.

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