Creative Commons: Copyright evolves

sure whether to stick this in ‘Tech’, ‘Cool’, or create a ‘Just Listen
To This!’ category. Anyway. This site, including the photos, is now
licensed not under completely out-dated copyright, but by a Creative
Commons license. There’s a great explanation in the form of a comic
here or you can check out their excellent site at
In short, what it means is that I’m not enforcing every single aspect
of the copyright protection the law affords me in regard to this weblog
and the photos.

Pirating DVDs doesn’t fund Al-Qaeda, downloading an MP3 does not mean
Britney goes without Pepsi for a week, and you copying my photos for
personal, non-commercial use isn’t going to destroy the planet! 🙂 More
on copyright to come – it’s a lot more interesting than you’d think…


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