the end of Frankenstein, now. As usual with the Penguin Classics,
there’s a fairly long academic-ish intro. Since it’s a reprint of a
late-80s/early-90s edition, the intro seems a bit dry at times (esp.
compared to the fireworks and bombast of late 90s lit. theory). Couple of interesting quotes though, such as the following quote it gives, taken from Muriel Spark’s Mary Shelley bio:
“Frankenstein is Mary Shelley’s best novel, because at that early age she was not well acquainted with her own mind.”

Interesting idea – that self-knoweldge, self-analysis and self-pity (or
any blend of the three) detracts from your ability to write well… The
exact opposite of the usual advice they give writers to ‘write what you
know’. It’s not what you know…


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