No-one does monsters like the Japanese (Godzilla, Hello Kitty etc.) so it’s no surprise that Japanese folk-lore is full of creatures who could give the Bros. Grimm pantheon a good beating (now there’s an idea for a Streetfighter-style videogame…)

Anyway, Neo Kaiju is a project that sees American designers re-making traditional Japanese monsters as collectible toys-cum-pop art. They’re in the same vain as the sort-of popular Qees (explanatory link), and they look just as cool – more than they first appear, tiny and intriguing, like little optical illusions. Plus the monster below reminds me of one of the disguises Hannibal from the A-Team used (the one in the pilot ep that was used in the opening credits). PlayLounge, which is just off the recently redeveloped Carnaby Street complex, sells a lot of this kind of stuff, and makes for an eye-opening visit, if you’re in London… [via Boing Boing]


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