Pimpage Linkage

A couple of friends of mine have updated their weblogs with some interesting entries – first of all, the mighty “Darloboy” (personally, not a fan of the whole 3rd person thing, but I am bound not to reveal my friend’s real name in case…. well…. his arch nemesis or Lex Luthor or whoever finds him). Names aside though, it’s another thoughtful and carefully written entry from him, with a nice BitTorrent link at the end, too. Find it all here.

Secondly, my brother, currently sashaying his way across the globe, (Thailand to Cuba via lots of obscure islands in the South Pacfic), has just updated his “Buddha Marx and Me” weblog:

“When we left Bangkok on the way to Kanchanaburi we happened to fall into conversation with a couple of mind numbing 18year olds.
Mind-numbing Girl: So you’re going like, around the world?
Richard: That’s right.
M-n G: Are you going to Bali?
R: No we’re not, but we are going to a couple of South Pacific Isla-
M-n G: (interrupting) but I thought round the worlds went to Bali.
R: (puzzled) well I don’t think you have to.”

Full entry here.

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