Wear The Force

Baseball might be one of the dullest sports ever invented (any suggestions for other contenders, please e-mail me, but not with ‘Cricket’ or ‘Golf’, as I did consider these)… Anyway. Baseball. Dull. But, unlikely as it this sounds, it
has had a huge influence on fashion. One of, if not the, best trainer
ever, the Converse Allstar, was originally a baseball shoe. T-shirts,
with a white body and coloured arms, are based on baseball
shirts…  It’s a lot impressive a legacy than nylon Football
Baseball overshirts are also very cool, and, ever the canny marketeer,
George Lucas’s online Star Wars shop is selling some neat-looking
‘Sith’ baseball overshirts, with ‘Vader, 77’ on the back. They’re not
cheap, even with the devalued dollar, but they do look good. There’s
also (American) Football and Basketball Star Wars sports tops. Take a


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