On The Move

that the blog’s been getting lots of hits, I’ve not done anything on it
in a while…<ahem>. Partly this is because I had to give Pentax
the Optio S4i camera back, so not been taking any pictures this week. I
have shelled out for my own one though, so I should have that next week
<grin>. I’ve also been busy playing with a “Portable Media
Center” (yes, the American spelling is part of the product name). A
Creative Zen one, which runs a special stripped down version of Windows
XP Media Center Edition. It’s essentially a portable music *and* video
player. First impressions: big and ungainly, even when compared to hard
drive MP3 players. I remember seeing a quote from Apple’s Steve Jobs
denying Apple would ever make one because “there’s no video equivalent
of headphones”, and the first thought in my head on seeing the Zen PMC
was that it’s just not going to be useable…
However, when you start using
it, it’s much better than you’d expect – watching the Simpsons on the
Tube, for instance, is brilliant. The mini Win XP MCE operating system
is nice and slick – it’s very easy to use, much better than most MP3
players (including Creative’s Zens… More impressions and pix soon.
Link to official Creative site here.


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