T-Shirts from Afar

Been a while since I’ve updated the t-shirts – I have been busy, with, among other things, beginning to learn Japanese. So Irasshaimase
to you all 🙂 Am doing it through language tapes, and at the moment
“we” (my tape friends and I) have introduced ourselves and are at the
generic-language-course coffee shop, ordering a drink. Makes you wonder if they could build a mall full of the coffee shops
from every language course and stick them all next to each other. How
surreal that would be, especially if you wandered into the wrong one… Anyway.
T-shirts. Japan, as you all probably know, has its weird side,
particularly when it comes to crazy merchandise. Hello Kitty being a good example. If you want to get that kind of stuff
over here, websites like JBox (link) import a range of Japanese market stuff
that runs from bizarre to… a zone of bizarre that’s indescribable in english. (Although JBox isn’t as scary as
partner site JList,
which includes adult stuff….) Anyway, JBox does a nice line in
Japan-inspired t-shirts, like the Domo-kun one below. Some of the
t-shirts are naffly
wide of the mark but some are very neat – there’s a great Totoro one,
showing the famous anime character. If you’re interested in Japan, you
should also sign up for JBox’s well-written newsletter, too – it’s a
very interesting and frequently astonishing read.

Pic: JBox


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