The world through someone else’s eyes

Just a quick post today – life contains to be busy, and I’ve still not got a new camera, as the Optio S4i has been phased out, while its successor, the 5 megapixel S5i, has yet to show up as available. However, a couple of photo related links, both from excellent gadget weblog Engadget. Click here for the first one – it’s a very neat Google trick:

“Most Sony digital cameras start saving photos with the following name �DSC00001.JPG� and a lot of people take these photos and upload them to the web, where the all-knowing, all-seeing Google later catalogs all of them. So by clicking
this link
you can see the first photo taken by someone with their new camera”

They’ve also got links for other types of cameras, so you can quite literally, see life exactly through someone else’s eyes. Fascinatingly mundane, if there is such a thing. The second link, right here, is an article called “How To Upgrade Your Organic Dog,” complete with outfititng Poochkin with a digital camera.

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