Silver Sea

Blackpool permanently enjoys a strange type of fame. There is the Blackpool that is made out of brick, concrete and rock that sits on the Lancashire coast. This Blackpool is run-down, often wet, cold, and full of desperate drunks and yet… is also surreal, beautiful and weirdly funny [10p Tea virtually demands to be heard in Peter Kay‘s voice].

Then there’s the Blackpool that is famous. It seems to have been created by replacing the ‘and yet’ of the previous sentence with an ‘addition’ sign, and turning all those words into a formula. The results of which are then put up in lights and announced by someone with a very forced smile and a dayglo pink
jumper. I’d say “if you can imagine that”, but then, if you’ve heard of Blackpool, you probably can…

So to the point. 1. BBC. New drama about Blackpool. It’s a musical, as if the formula didn’t see that coming… Although it’s supposed to be good. And 2. My photos, taken on Blackpool beach. Boththese photos were taken on the same afternoon, the same beach, and within five minutes of each other: Sometimes Blackpool can show its many sides very easily.

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