A Pinch and a Punch for the First of the Month

It’s the 1st, which means my bandwidth quota gets re-set. Last month I was nearly 40% over, and all because I had lots of people looking at my photos. Now, I like people looking at the photos, but not when I get hundreds of e-mails from BlogHarbor about bandwidth. So I’m moving photo hosting to the wonderful Flickr.

Have also added an AudioScrobbler link, so you can see exactly what I’m listening to in quite wonderfully pointless detail. So now you can… err… ‘scrobble’ me. (Why are internet verbs so horrible? Google isn’t too bad, although it’s already a noun, but ‘blog’? ‘wiki’? Great services but linguistic car-crashes…)

And finally, a long over due hello to someone who links to me – Dolly Mixture. I knew her back at uni, and it’s always nice to see what people are up to. Plus, she’s over in the Far East (Kuala Lumpur), so maybe you can expect front line dispatches in the war on Hello Kitty.

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