Shopping & Escaping
Originally uploaded by Sifter.

that I have a Flick Pro account, I’ve been digging through my digital
photos to upload more pictures. This on the left is from a trip to Toronto this
time last year.

One of the most interesting things about Flickr is the tag system –
lots of commentators/webheads have written about how there are quite a
few new start ups adopting this idea, and you can see why. Tags
generate a very really cool mesh of meaning – they’re like little sign
posts, and you can follow them for absolutely hours and hours through
Flickr. It’s like visual orienteering, or one of those old Fantasy RPG
books by Steve Jackson etc. At the end of each paragraph, you’ve got a
choice: go left, go right (and keep you finger in the previous page so
if you die you can go back…)

These are all the tags I’ve used in Flickr. They themselves make quite
a good picture of all the things that have crossed my mind recently.
But I’ve changed each link so instead of searching my pics, it searches
the whole of the Flickr site. Hopefully will provide some good



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