In America

Landed in San Francisco last night; staying here for the week to cover the Intel Developer Forum.

I’ve been to the States before (as I have explained to inumerable Visa / Homeland security people on my way here!), but never to the West Coast. That said, with a place that looms so large in culture’s imagination as California, it’s impossible really to not have been here before. As for as travel is concerned, there are no blank slates these days – you’ve got pictures from everywhere on Flickr, blogs, movies, TV, papers. We all travel a great deal more than we might think.

While I’m sure the States will prove to be deeper and more complex than these images, every time I’ve been here, it’s never quite shattered the preconceptions I’ve had. Steam really does rise from the manhole covers. The cars are enormous. The black and white cop cars really do slope slowly round the corners. The fire engines are big and chrome, kicking up newspapers as they roll by. US cities at night are beautiful curtains of light. And the moment I got to my hotel room, I switched on the TV, and put it to Fox News (shudder) for a real American experience. Adverts were on. First one


Ok…. Of course, it wasn’t an advert for guns. That would be crazy. The bullets were "Silver Bullets" for cleaning your silverware.

Other discoveries so far:

In America…. Cakes count as breakfast.
Basketball makes sense, and is actually entertaining. I watched the Lakers win last night.

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