Writing: In Cold Blood, In Hot Blood

Half way through the film Capote, I did find myself wondering if ‘In Cold Blood’ would have happened had Capote had a weblog, because for most of the film he’s not writing. (Of course, I’m assuming the film’s depiction of In Cold Blood’s creative process is true); but for the vast majority of the film, Capote’s work is working with ideas. He struggles with them, lying on the bed letting the whisky hammer its way through his veins, but he also forces them: forces them to happen, forces them out. He seeks out the people he needs to talk to; he interrogates those people, he asks them difficult questions, he pushes their buttons. He spends his time interrogating his ideas, working them through, working them out, wondering how far he will go in his pursuit…

And then, finally, right at the end, he does the writing. I do wonder about the instantaneous nature of the blog when it comes to writing; there’s a lot to be said for getting the idea out there right away, but there’s an awful lot to be said for keeping it bottled till it blows up, and then when it blows up, taking the time to observe the explosion, and figuring out the bits you want to preserve, and the bits you don’t. This could be a personal thing, of course – I do find that all the weblogs I like reading are very focussed on ‘things’ rather than writing… And in turn, I myself I don’t do much writing on this weblog….

Capote is very, very good, by the way.

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