In My Life

A lot of the time, I use this weblog to keep track of my articles, or to ramble through whatever idea is currently knocking around inside my head. So it never gets too personal, something I’m going to remedy with this post. I’ve recently bought a very shiny computer, a MacBook Pro, and as well as getting extremely hot (very useful in the current British summer…. not), it has built in Bluetooth, so I’ve been able to get copy all the photos that I’ve taken with my phone over the last year on to the computer. And then on to the web. The quality isn’t bad, even though it’s an older phone (Samsung D500), so I’ve put a few on Flickr, here:

It’s my birthday soon (August 7th, put it in your diary), so I’ve been asking everybody for books, which is quite exciting, as I’ve got lovely big boxes from Amazon pitching up. I recently went to the Ice Bar, just off Regent St., which was brilliant. It’s £15 to get in, and although it was free as I went there for a press do, I’d definitely go back. Sure, £15 is pretty steep, but IT IS A BAR MADE OF ICE. True, you only get one drink – a chilly and tasty vodka cocktail – for your £15, but you get time in a place where, unlike the usual posh bars in London, everyone is genuinely, if only slightly, humbled, intrigued and interested in their surroundings. It’s a place you go to see, rather than be seen. It’s minus five inside, the walls, table and bar are made of ice, and you all have to wear silver thermal cloaks. It’s just weirdly brilliant.

A couple of weekends ago I went up to a friend’s place and enjoyed games of Ping Pong under industrial strength spotlights – an excellent way to spend a summer evening. Finally, I get a day off on Friday because we’re moving offices; or rather, within the office, so I have to pack up all my desk monsters so they can rampage on another floor….

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