Webreading 13th August

Master topic list for first-time readers of Neomarxisme, the only blog that makes the use of the word ‘orthopraxy’ look like a good idea. (Via Jean Snow).

"Once the "pop sociology of pop" and now a "post-blog," NĂ©omarxisme primarily analyzes the social mechanics and historical circumstances behind contemporary Japanese pop culture."

* Guardian Photographer Dan Chung visits Prague, and gets a good shot of the remarkable astrological clock there; if you have even the slightest interest in technology, you really should check it out. The ability to see things working, which is inherent in a big clockwork machine such as the Prague clock, gets a bit lost with modern electronic technology which is a shame (although learning how to open up a PC and take it apart is a good counter to this trend).

* Emusic, the legal music download site that sells MP3s without crappy DRM restrictions has opened a UK specific site. On the downside, prices have gone up slightly as they now include VAT, but they have sorted out some of the legal stuff so that the White Stripes etc are available for download. Try Tokyo Polic Club for starters.

* Chopstix, Chinese food blog with good recommendations for eating in London. Dragon Castle in Elephant & Castle is indeed fantastic.

* Diamond Geezer. Added this blog to the links panel a while back, well worth checking out for a perspective on London. Take his advice, don’t buy the Evening Standard.

* Binary Bonsai discusses the problem with Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion – the cop-out which is the levelling system, whereby bad guys levels up as you do. So there is no point to improving your character, as the bandits who waylay you later in the game will have awesome magical swords (in that case, WHY ARE THEY BANDITS? Don’t they have anything more heroic to do with their amazing skills?). Fortunately, you can fix Oblivion by modding it. Phil rounded up a bunch for Bit-Tech, here.

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