Custom PC web reading

Cpc_webreading_manFinally – managed to do something I’ve had my eye on doing for ages. I’ve uploaded the first CPC webreading on the site, a regular little article that rounds up five interesting, tangentially tech related links from around the web. You wouldn’t believe how long (and how tricky) it’s taken to do this… but it’s finally done. A little step forward, but a step forward all the same.

I’ve long been a big fan of linklogs (link based weblogs, like Waxy, Linkmachinego etc) and I’ve also been banging on to people at Dennis about how important linking out to other sites on the web is; webreading is a fusion of both, although as the whole Custom PC site is still on the ‘old’ system, there’s nothing fancy like a webreading RSS feed/category link etc which would obviously improve it. I do, however, have a very, very cool graphic – the CPC webreading man! Isn’t he great? And people can leave comments, as well as submit links via email to me at CPC or via tagging links ‘cpcwebreading’ on Del.ici.ous.

Updated: The Custom PC web reading man was drawn by Lee Hasler. You can check out his site, here:

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