Questions about the flannel panel

While it’s well known that computers have a tendency to iteratively generate linguistic geekery – acronyms, memes, slang – magazines also have their own weird and wonderful dialect. In the English-Magazine dictionary, a ‘flannel panel‘ is basically the team sheet for a magazine. It lists who works on the mag, their job titles, contact details, as well as the magazine’s address, and usually some legal information such as copyright and disclaimers.

We’ve recently added a ‘question of the month’ to the Custom PC flannel panel as a fun little Easter Egg for attentive/bored/obsessive readers; it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now we need to think of a question. January’s one posed the very obvious "New Year’s Resolution?" question, but today we had a brief brainstorm about some possible qs for the future. Here are my suggestions:

“What’s your problem?”
“If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?”
"What do you wish you knew more about?"
“In an ideal world, who or what would your voice sound like?”
“In the movie of your life, who would play your nemesis?”
“What band would you like to see reform?”
“What gig do you wish you could have been present at?”
“Let’s assume a sorcerer is going to change you into an animal but he gives you a choice as to what you could be turned into. What animal would you pick?”
“What criminal behaviour should be legalised?”
“What should be a criminal offense?”
“Given the power, what technology would you un-invent?”
“What super power would you pick, given the choice?”
“If you could be in charge of any country in the world, which would you pick?”
“What’s your ideal breakfast?”

Feel free to add your answers or let me know some of your own flannel panel questions…

2 thoughts on “Questions about the flannel panel

  1. I think using American spellings on British territory should be made a criminal offenCe. (C!!!!!) Hmmmmm, punishable by 2000 head butts.

  2. Why can’t automated robots post comments Alex??? That’s just old fashioned bigotry as far as I’m concerned. Next thing you’ll be saying you won’t help them adopt kids.

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