Chart: Top 10 Worries

As a new way of presenting some pertinent links, here is a list of my top 10 worries at the moment:

1 (-) George W. Bush
2 (-) North Korea
3 (NEW) How common it is for collossal squid to be found these days – are they about to make their move?
4 (UP) My teeth
5 (UP) The difficulty of buying a house in London if you’re not a millionaire
6 (UP) The fact lots of bloggers love Monocle, and I don’t
7 (DOWN) Iran (since I finished reading this book)
8 (DOWNwithit) My inability to understand hip-hop
9 (UP) Lack of traffic to this blog
10 (PLUMMETING) Wondering about how the Custom PC podcast will do (it’s done really, really well actually)

One thought on “Chart: Top 10 Worries

  1. Not really knowing what you’re teeth look like, I’d say I’d agree with 1,2,5 & 7. Though I think the thing that keeps me up at nights, after the obvious worry about death via pissed of people in countries that we’ve f’d up, is definitely number 9.

    Lack of traffic on a blog really sucks.

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