It’s never a good time to buy anything (aka, damn you the Nikon D40x)


I’ve just finished writing my column for the latest issue of Custom PC, and was focussing on how many e-mails we get from readers who want to know when the best time to buy a graphics card is. It depends on how you look at it, I wrote: if you want the most speed for your money, then frankly, tomorrow will always bring a faster, cheaper card.

Having seen a lot of technology come and go, I think the best way to know when to buy tech is to consider what you want it do: or at least, to balance this consideration with objective benchmarks and tech-specs. After all, if you buy a graphics card to play Oblivion or Command & Conquer 3 on your 20in widescreen TFT, and you do research and it can do this, does it really matter if a slightly faster one appears next month? If you’re buying something just because it’s the latest-n-greatest, then of course you’ll be disappointed when it becomes obsolete.

Turns out I get to eat a nice dose of my own medicine, because today Nikon’s announced a new dSLR, the D40x, boosting it from 6 to 10 megapixels. Does it, as Engadget snidely says, make the D40 seem totally out of date? Not for me: I only got my D40 a month or so ago, but it’s a great camera, and it’s been great for what I wanted it for: a light, small budget beginner’s dSLR with a great kit lens. It was that yesterday, and it’ll be that tomorrow.

Buy tech to do something, not be something.

2 thoughts on “It’s never a good time to buy anything (aka, damn you the Nikon D40x)

  1. Unless you’re looking to produce some large wall art, 6MP is going to carry you along nicely. At least I hope so since my 300D is only that also πŸ˜‰

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