The importance of real things being nice things

Custom PC covers

In a previous post on bloggers vs mainstream media, I wrote that:

“When information is free and virtual, it’s important for real things to be nice things, to be good quality things, to be a guaranteed brilliant use of the reader’s very precious time.”

More and more I’m coming to think this really is the case; a lot of the praise for Tyler Brule’s recently launched Monocle magazine mentioned its use of four different paper stocks to create a really satisfying thing; when I look at the full price music I’ve bought in physical form recently, (as opposed to downloads from Emusic), it’s often been box-sets (this, this and this for instance), where the packaging, photos, liner notes etc are as important as the CD itself, which will of course be instantly ripped to MP3.

So with the mantra ‘REAL THINGS MUST BE NICE THINGS’ firmly in mind, we’ve been making some changes to Custom PC. There’s been an internal freshening up of the design, particularly the reviews section, to make it more appealing, but easily the most noticeable change is one seen only to subscribers: a special cover. Stripped of all the cover lines and blurbs, it really allows our excellent photography to stand out. Click on the picture above for an enlargement – although, of course, it looks and feels even better in real life.

One thought on “The importance of real things being nice things

  1. This is going to sound bad when I start speaking, but stick with me. As a subscriber I just had to make a double take on the magazine standing in it’s correct place, next to the toilet. And indeed it does have a lovely stripped cover. However I have to say, I had not consiously noticed that this was the case!!
    On the other hand, I’ve felt a greater than normal urge to read through the magazine this month, which given I’m not in buying mode would seem odd. But now that this has been revealed to me, perhaps it is all clear!

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