First Lines over Twitter

TwitterLit: the first line of a book, sent to you via Twitter (or RSS), but with only an Amazon link to the title, so you can try and guess where it’s from. Found via the excellent blog of writer Ian Hocking. Lovely idea, since first lines are such a compelling topic to think about. Although I love the opening to Orwell’s 1984, and of course, as I’ve mentioned before, the opening to Neuromancer, I think my favourite first line is the one from Toni Morrison’s Paradise:

"They shoot the white girl first."

Simple, short, stark and yet stacked with questions. Interesting tense, too.

UPDATE: There’s now a UK version of Twitterlit, which links to, here, and you can also get updates via Email, in addition to Twitter and RSS.

One thought on “First Lines over Twitter

  1. Picked this up from your feed the other day. Brilliant idea, and what better way to become intrigued by books that you may otherwise completely overlook. Now I just need to catch up with all the books I already own!

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