Computex 2007: Every bag tells a story

Exit, Stage Left

Tomorrow I’m off to Taiwan for the Computex trade show; while Spring’s Cebit is physically bigger and CES is shinier, Computex is the one that really matters for Custom PC; its main focus is on PC components, and it’s in the hometown of the big kit manufacturers. As well as being a lot warmer than Cebit (and with much better food), it’s also a really useful place to pick up background info and to get a sense of the work culture which produces so much of the stuff we spend the year covering. And I don’t just mean Engrish 😉

My bag

It’s my 2nd consecutive year at the show and one thing struck me as I was packing just now: Last year I had only a crappy little Dell laptop borrowed from work; this year, my case is already half full just from audio equipment, and what you can’t see even in this shot is my laptop, my Nikon D40 and tripod (plus the PSP and iPod for the flights…). Despite being a print journalist, the impending launch of our new website (not in time for the show, rather annoyingly), and the success of the CPC podcast means coverage has gone a lot beyond the humble notepad – although said humble notepad is still lurking on the right of the shot. Should be a lot of fun – I’m looking forward to it a lot 🙂

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