On jetlag and moving generally

From the top of 101

I wonder what it is that causes jetlag – the distance? the effort and energy of the travelling? the fact you pass from the real world into the strangeness of airports and planes and duty free shopping at midnight? being separated, so viscerally, from home and all its rhythms? or is it just all to do with the ropey food on the plane?

I am back from Taiwan now; the Computex trade show itself was excellent, and we put some good coverage onto the CPC site. Still the old site, as the dev team missed the deadline for getting the new one ready, which was… frustrating. I am also in the middle of moving, as the Jesteress and I have moved out of our rented flat in North London, and have a week before we can move into the new house in South London. So we’re staying with friends, and with all the running around, boxes, packing, lifting, moving and different routine, in a way, I feel like I am jetlagged again. We did have a huge amount of help from friends when it came to moving all our stuff to the new house, which was brilliant – it’s lovely to be surrounded by enthusiastic people! Especially when they’re all so good at carrying things 🙂 So I’m really looking forward to the new place now. Just need to wait for the workmen to finish de-damping the place.

And in the meantime, I’m going to enjoy being in the meantime.

[Photo: Taipei from the observation deck of Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building]

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