Blog not popular? No worries, just obsess over your Flickr stats instead

The Tube
I know, from careful perusal of my blog stats, that The Wired Jester appeals to a select, discerning audience: mostly people looking for information on the not-quite famous footballer who shares my name, some after information on Wolf Pillows, and every now and then my brother. Despite this, I do check the numbers quite regularly, and so am overjoyed that Flickr is introducing stats for photo streams. From the screen shots, it looks very similar to the stats screen in WordPress and will show referrers, linking sites and search engine traffic. From the sound of the FAQ, it’s a big upgrade to the current ‘sort images by most popular’ option – which gives the above photo as my top image.

You have to activate the stats to get them working, and it takes 24 hours to kick in – so I’ve not had a chance to play with them yet. Stats are only available to Pro members, and when you do activate them, you get to look at a lovely mid-90s era animated gif:

Flickr Stats

Nice to see Flickr still knows how to talk to the geek in its fanbase 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blog not popular? No worries, just obsess over your Flickr stats instead

  1. Very interesting, will have to look into that although recently my photos on ePhotoZine have gotten more attention, but then I do tend to only send select items there, where as Flickr is my photo dump.

  2. Interesting colours in your tube escalator. Stumbled on you when searching Alex Watson on flickr to see if my old (80-years-old to be precise) colleague at Sevenoaks Chronicle, with the same name had a flickr a/c.
    He didn’t but you did so you get a comment!

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