Travel Writing

One thing I’m surprised I’ve not done more of this year is travel writing; this year I’ve been fortunate enough to go to places that, while within easy reach, are still somehow slightly out of reach, out of frame at the same time – Monaco, Syria, rural Ibiza, and in about two hours, Palau1 and my third trip to Japan.

Thinking – and writing is often just thinking with a keyboard – about this is something I should do, because next year, I’m taking a sabbatical. Having worked for Dennis/Custom PC for 5 years (!), I’m eligible for 8 weeks extra holiday, which I can combine with 2 weeks of my usual leave for… 10 weeks, more than 2 months, away. Not sure where I will go yet, but I’d like to do some travelling in that time. I’ve never ‘done’ South America, have never been to to India to find myself and I’m not about to start now. But I do think about travel as a part of life; the difference between there and then and here and now; about how it can/should work as applied curiosity.

1 Palau?!? Yeah, Palau. The CIA knows all about Palau. It’s a real country. In the middle of the pacific, about here.

One thought on “Travel Writing

  1. Ten weeks in the one year! Very nice.. I’ve been working 10 years here, wonder if I can pull of a 20 week holiday? Me thinks no.. But sounds like a great chance to do some great travelling, taking as much time as you want in each location.. should be real cool.

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