Of course

In my previous post, which began as an excuse to post some pictures of autumn, and then changed to become a ramble on seasonal rigidity here in Japan, I mentioned how the large number of rules governing Japanese society – and its perception of the world, gives:

“A sureness and certainty and a sense of organisation to things.”  

But ‘rules are made to be broken’ says the Western saying; they’re perecieved as bad, as limiting. Not always: the Jesteress has borrowed her brother’s keitai, but forgotten the charger and now it has run out of battery. Her mum asked me this morning if it was on the NTT DoCoMo network, like her phone.

“Yes,” I replied. She then got her phone’s charger and – even though it’s a completely different model – plugged it in to bro’s phone.

“All NTT phones have the same charger socket?” I asked, surprised. “Yes,” she replied. “Of course.”

A good example of how rigidity can create convenience. Fat chance of Orange enforcing this in the UK though.

2 thoughts on “Of course

  1. Woah, so the network actually enforce this across all manufacturers? Or is there just the one manufacturer for the network? Either way it a good idea, though I make a point of never getting a phone which doesn’t use mini-USB myself.

  2. I went to the NTT store a few days later and had a look at the models on offer – they did come from a variety of manufacturers (Sony, Panasonic, Sharp, some branded NTT) and from what I could see, they did all have the same connector. Some of the electronic shops in Akihabara sold data/charge cables and these were branded by network, not phone brand so that would seem to corroborate it too.

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