Come Saturday by The Pains of Being At Heart

Was the last song stuck in my head. Yes, it’s a terrible name for a band. Although they had no problem grabbing the domain name. And it’s a great song, with that whole 80s chiming guitar thing going on, and floaty-light vocals. They’re offering it as a free download, which is just as well as the album isn’t on Spotify.

There’s a few bands around at the moment with a similar, shimmery sound – this eMusic article does a good job of neatly anthologising them, tracing their roots back to NME’s C86 tape, once dubbed ‘the most indie thing that ever existed.’

Other bands joining The Pains of Being Pure At Heart in excavating C86 are Vivian Girls and Crystal Stilts. In a sign of how times have changed, all have been championed not by the NME, but by Pitchfork.

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