April Cycling BHAG Update

(Meet The BHAG)

April has been close to perfect for the BHAG. It has luxuriated under sunny skies the whole month long and been satiated by many, many miles.

The commute home has become slightly shorter and tougher, thanks to the Olympics. Woolwich common is covered in building works for shooting events, so right at the end of the cycle home I have to take on a big hill. I dreaded it at first, but it provides a fast, tough finish that’s actually quite thrilling. This is especially the case as the rides home in April have been the first time this year I’ve left work in daylight and arrived home in daylight.

Throughout April, the weather is incredible, every day packed full of multitudes of sunshine. It’s in Greenwich park that you can really see the difference: in the mornings, the light is hazy, heavy with heat, the city settling blue and bright in it. By the evening, it’s low and mellow, diluted and drowsy. I stop by a bench half the time, waiting in it, reading for half an hour or so. The good weather, good feelings still seem novel.

Over the Easter holidays the roads are quiet, and they send the mowers out onto the fields, the smell reminding me of Anchorsholme where my house backed onto the school. In addition to 11 commute cycles, I gave the BHAG what for with a 19 mile Docklands loop. Now that the Greenwich Foot Tunnel seems to open in a reasonably reliable manner, cycling around the empty roads of the Isle of Dogs and down by the old Thames is an easy weekend ride.

Then on Easter Sunday, the biggest ride yet, based on March’s Biggin Hill loop. It’s longer this time, close to 50 miles, taking in some really tough hills: Toy Hill and Sundridge Hill, by the side of Lees Wood. At one point it seems like Kent is a county which only goes uphill – but eventually the peak and the frame stops wobbling with my effort, the tyres hum, there’s a beautiful building of speed and I can feel the balance of the world change.

Total miles: 199
Commutes: 11
Total to cycle: 1,434

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