May Cycling BHAG Update

I started May off with a cold which means that despite the good weather it’s almost a week into the month before I get going again. During the lay-off, I snagged a half-price Club Jersey from Rapha which given their prices, makes it just about affordable. Still, it’s great quality stuff and looks excellent. Well worth keeping an eye on the clearance section of their site.

In addition to commute cycles, I’ve found the best way to get out of South-East London is to head to Biggin Hill and then down into Westerham and North Kent. Usually I ride the whole way, but this month I try driving directly to Westerham and cycling a 22 mile loop around there. Not the best idea – even with clear traffic, it takes 30 minutes to drive, plus there’s the faff of getting the bike in the car, so it feels like a lot of wasted time. And worse is the fact you drive along the roads that you’d cycle ordinarily. Just seems like a lot of wasted effort. Plus there isn’t the satisfaction of it being an actual journey.

The totals for this month are a bit low, but that’s because I took a two week trip to the US (Baltimore and New York) – a very welcome break, and an amazing time. Nice to be away from work, targets and stress. To spend some time in great company, being the nice version of me. I didn’t completely forget about the bike – cycling in Manhattan looked doable, and going through Central Park looked like it would be great fun – I just had other things to be doing.

Sense has finally prevailed on my friend Sasha, a long-time offroader, and he has bought a road bike (a bargain Felt F85). On the last day of the month, we ride back from central London together, stopping at the Greenwich Union for an excellent ale. He is far quicker than I am, which is going to be good for getting fitter…

Total Miles: 82

Commutes: 5
Total to cycle: 1,352

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