Bill Murray on dying

“You’ve gotta go out there and improvise and you’ve gotta be completely unafraid to die. You’ve got to be able to take a chance to die. And you have to die lots. You have to die all the time. You’re goin’ out there with just a whisper of an idea.”

Half decent Bill Murray interview in Esquire; I’d say he’s earned the write to give the kind of advice you’d imagine Hemmingway would give. 

The best DVD commentaries

When it comes to books, games and music I’m often happiest away from the bright lights of the charts, exploring dark, dusty corners of the catalogue. Film, though… I never seem to enjoy going beyond big budget megahits. I’ve fallen asleep in every single one of Pedro Almodovar’s films. These three threads (one, two, three)Continue reading “The best DVD commentaries”

Who would win in a fight? The Mummy or the Wolf-Man?

“In the future, if your children ask you, “Who would win in a fight?  The Mummy or the Wolf-Man?” please refer them to this list, as it will save a lot of time…. Monsters are rated according to how dangerous they are against each other, and then according to how dangerous they are to allContinue reading “Who would win in a fight? The Mummy or the Wolf-Man?”

A music post: What if Beyonce was your Gran? What if she could predict economic turmoil?

Yes, what if? Well, wonder no more – this very odd picture (which may or may not be photoshopped) was used by the Guardian to illustrate a story about how there’s apparently an inverse correlation between the stability of the stock markets and the regularity of beats in pop songs: “Beyoncé’s worldwide hit, Single LadiesContinue reading “A music post: What if Beyonce was your Gran? What if she could predict economic turmoil?”

Most definitely not a 40 degree day

Do you know who this man is? If not, you are in for a treat… This is Stringer Bell, one of the many brilliant characters from a fantastic TV show called The Wire. It is to cop shows what Charles Dickens is to books about orphans. Smart, brutal, compelling and just true, true in thatContinue reading “Most definitely not a 40 degree day”

Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?

The post title says it all – took a little over 24 hours, but my latest Joost invites are now all gone. The lucky recipients were: * McGuyver * Tony Jones of Compelling Content * Alan Hussey * Perry Taylor When Joost next dole out some more invites, I’ll put a post up, same asContinue reading “Joost invites all gone – I wonder why?”