If you’ve ever wanted a dSLR, now is a good time

Amazon is selling the Nikon D40, with its 18-55mm kit lens, for the low low price of £246 (41% less than what I paid for it). The D40 is the dSLR I talked myself into buying in January 2007; although it’s since been replaced by the D40X (a ten megapixel version), and then the D60 (a ten megapixel version with a few tweaks and a kit lens with vibration reduction), the D40 remains a superb camera, especially for under £250. This is how I convinced myself to buy it, this is what I thought of it after a couple of weeks, this is what I thought about the kit lens, and below is a pic I took with it reasonably recently (kit lens at 18mm, f 3.5). The D40 may not be brand new tech, but sometimes that doesn’t matter.

60 - Paradise