The Rolling Stones and The Brussels Affair

The Rolling Stones have released several live albums, and the recording from their peak period, 1970’s Get Yer Ya-Yas Out!, has recently undergone a deluxe re-release. In the original review for Rolling Stone, Lester Bangs said that “I have no doubt that it’s the best rock concert ever put on record.” He might have beenContinue reading “The Rolling Stones and The Brussels Affair”

What’s next for The Beatles catalogue

I’ve written before about why it’s important for The Beatles to sort out making their music available digitally, but it seems like what’s next is a videogame from the the makers of Rock Band and… some new CDs. The original albums, plus a new version of Past Masters will be remastered and released on theContinue reading “What’s next for The Beatles catalogue”

It Won’t Be Long: The Beatles and MP3

I’m a big Beatles fan, and had a post cooked up all about those reports that, thanks to Norweigan Broadcasting (NRK), you could download Beatles MP3s for free, legally. NRK’s site said: “Some weeks ago, NRK – Norwegian Braodcasting – signed a deal with music rights holder organisation TONO in Norway. The new deal givesContinue reading “It Won’t Be Long: The Beatles and MP3”