Behind the scenes

Perhaps it’s time for some more background information on this blog, since it’s been rolling for a couple of weeks now, and the initial explanation got a little off the point. Ahem. So here we are: I suppose I see this place as having two functions – one, as a place to put all my photos, and two, to be a nice distraction, something entertaining and interesting, just for a few minutes. A jester’s act.

In honour of the title, I’ve posted a couple of pictures of Jester puppets that I took in Prague earlier in the year. There’s a lot of puppets in Prague – most are low-grade tourist mulch, but some are incredibly detailed little statues with complex controls that give them an uincanny sense of motion….

I’ve also added a couple of tech functions: a domain name ( and e-mail addresses: drop me a line at alexwatson117 [–at–] googlemail [dot] comif you’ve got anything to say…

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