Halfway through the year, and where are we up to

Well, it’s slightly more than halfway through the year, but part of me, deep down, still runs on a school calendar I think, and it’s the tail end of July, when all the exams are done and the holidays are up and running, that feels like the year’s mid-point. The Wired Jester has gotten aContinue reading “Halfway through the year, and where are we up to”

There will be more, but before that, less

A couple of weeks ago, I mentioned that I was considering making some changes to this blog. I’ve begun the tinkering; a lot of it has, so far, been behind the scenes, and has mostly consisted of doodles on paper, but some of these ideas are now going from the real world to this digitalContinue reading “There will be more, but before that, less”

Today is a proud day for the Wired Jester

For the Wired Jester is now, officially (thanks, Google), the web’s number 1 resource for FIGHTING OFF NINJAS! If you have reached this site because of a ninja-related emergency, I recommend calling your local emergency services as soon as possible. Aside from this, there is little I can say other than you should be comfortedContinue reading “Today is a proud day for the Wired Jester”

Fun with feeds

The wildly, slightly implausibly successful Custom PC podcast (I say this because at one point, we were higher in the iTunes chart than Jamie Oliver) introduced me to the rather awesome Feedburner. It’s an absolutely excellent service, and TypePad, which hosts The Wired Jester, allows you to use Feedburner for your blog’s RSS feed. SoContinue reading “Fun with feeds”