Halfway through the year, and where are we up to

Mosaics at the mosque

Well, it’s slightly more than halfway through the year, but part of me, deep down, still runs on a school calendar I think, and it’s the tail end of July, when all the exams are done and the holidays are up and running, that feels like the year’s mid-point. The Wired Jester has gotten a bit dusty – the last update was back in March (!!) – owing to a very busy first four months of the year at Custom PC. We’ve now finished hiring, and the team is up to six people in the office, which feels excellent. So now that I have a bit of time, where am I at, nearly seven months through 2008?

* My Formula 1 predictions are looking pretty good. Kubica has grabbed his first win, Hamilton is top of the Drivers’ standings, and Raikkonen is indeed looking a lot less like the complete driver. Massa has done better than I expected, and I’m glad I didn’t put anything definite down about Rosberg – despite looking good at times, he’s not managed to really put it together. Still, there’s a lot more of the season to go.

* Books-wise, 2008 has been a disappointing year. Aside from finishing Don Quixote after 16 months of reading, I’ve picked some real turkeys so far, and I’m seriously beginning to doubt whether there are more than four or five modern writers who are worth reading. Any suggestions welcome.

* Work I’ve already covered.

* Travel wise, it’s been fun – the big trip so far has been to Syria, which was a real adventure. Pictures and notes for that are up on Flickr (above is one of the Medieval mosaics at the Grand Umayyad Mosque in Damascus). I’ve also been to Ibiza and been thoroughly surprised by what it’s like, and will hopefully be heading back to Japan in the Autumn.

* Technology wise… am currently rebuilding my gaming PC. It’s the first home PC I’ve built that’s water-cooled, although it’s a fairly tame one – only the CPU is currently water-cooled, and I’m using an all-in-one Swiftech kit. Still, should be a lot better than my current Pentium EE based machine.

And writing wise? Well, I’ve made a start with the blog. I need to devote some more time to non CPC writing really – I’ve got a ton of great ideas, so it would be good to start getting some of them actually fleshed out.

3 thoughts on “Halfway through the year, and where are we up to

  1. Well, well, well.. this caught me by surprise! πŸ˜‰ My usual hourly trip to Google Reader and that near forgotton site name appears top of my ‘always’ feeds! Good to hear that the new hires will be freeing up your time to get back to some none CPC related time sinks.
    Formula 1 wise you’ve done better then I, my points on the Facebook app where so low I removed it! Didn’t help that I was basically playing solo since my real F1 buddy still refuses to join Facebook.
    I’ve been following the photos with interest, you’ve gotten some really good trips in and the photography is superb. Nothing on the cards for us for a while as this year is the usual jaunt to Denmark to see the family, and we’ve decided to get married in 2010 in Maritius, so that’s some saving up to do! Should get to Canada next year however to see my brother.
    Looking forward to seeing some more of your writings.. hope you continue to find the time πŸ™‚

  2. I run a league in work (well technically out of work as we where told not to log on in work time, hence the league now being known as ‘Dead Managers Society’) which is run from the official premier league site. Is that the one you are refering too, or one on Facebook.. or is there a CustomPC FF group.. or something else entirely!?

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