What I’m Reading This Week: US Election 2008 blogs

A short post about what I’ve been reading this week. Hence the name. This week, blogs about the American election. I’ve always had an interest in politics, and this election has completely drawn me in. It has all the elements of fine drama – a hopeful protagonist and a shady nemesis, stunning reversals and Hollywood celebrities demanding one of the central characters talks about how old the dinosaurs are. So, how to keep up to date? This is an issue at the moment, because there’s a lot happening, but not a lot easily spinnable into a news story, so quite a lot of the story hasn’t appeared in the UK media.

* Firstly, a blog called Marbury. The best of the lot for me: it’s written from a British perspective, it’s not too opinionated, and it’s not written by a political hack on from one of the papers so it feels a little different.  Mixes latest stories and videos culled from US TV with some very on-point analysis.

* Secondly, and this is if you’re really keen, Andrew Sullivan’s blog. You’ll need to be fast on your RSS reader to keep up to to date with this – think 30 updates a day (!!) – and he’s no fan on McCain and Palin. But it’s passionately written and makes you feel this election really is a titanic struggle. Today’s quote of the day:

“John McCain isn’t running against Barack Obama. He’s running against reality.”

* Third, a bit of a cheat because it’s a podcast, so you can’t read it. Slate’s Political Gabfest. A weekly update that usually strikes a fine balance between chat and analysis.

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