What I’m Reading This Week

Noel Gallagher’s blog1. Don’t worry, it’s funnier than Be Here Now. Now, Noel might not have written a decent tune since back when Tony Blair was popular, but if you’ve ever seen him in an interview (or the excellent documentary, Live Forever2) you’ll know that he’s very funny and pretty savvy. Oasis have a new album coming out before Christmas and instead of/in addition to the usual pre-release campaign of slagging off other bands and punching photographers, they’ve got a website with some community features, a YouTube video campaign etc etc – but best of all is Tales From The Middle of Nowhere, Noel’s blog. You have to register to read it, but it’s well worth it. The posts are short, sharp and mock pretty much everything about being in a big rock band, while never forgetting that it’s one of the best jobs in the world and as such, should be relished:

“Did a couple of interviews yesterday. One with a guy who looked EXACTLY like Woody Harrelson. And one with some guitar magazine. They’re funny those guitar mags, unless you’re into discussing the science of guitar sound. The questions are always ludicrous. Example:

Q: “Describe to me the guitars you used on this new record.”
A: “Erm..one was red and one was blonde!? Are you gonna ask me what my favourite string is too?”
Q: “You have a favourite STRING!?”
A: “Yep..the ‘e’ string”
Q: “Why?”
A: “Cos there’s 2 of ‘em!”
Q: “Really!?”


1 Although the big N denies it’s a blog, sagely noting that “I never heard of hearing such a thing!! This isn’t a blog. A blog is for someone who’s got no mates (I’ve got more than a dozen, and that’s a fact) or who’s in a band that no one can remember hearing of.”

2 You can actually watch the whole thing on YouTube – part 1 is here.

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