Boom, WordPress

Christmas Lights Firework

After a week of tinkering, the Wired Jester is now up and running on WordPress. TWJ spent just over a year on TypePad, and while I certainly enjoyed using their blogging software, I’ve been looking to move to WordPress for a while. It’s what we use at work for our blogs and podcasts, and I’ve really come to love its simple and stylish approach – particularly the Gmail style auto-saving of draft posts. I’m also a big fan of the WordPress look; stylish and simple. And there’s the fact that WordPress is practically free – an important consideration now that I’ve got a house and a stupidly big mortgage to pay. The RSS feed is still powered by Feedburner, so subscribers – hey Lawrence! – shouldn’t notice any changes. Feel free to pop by the site and let me know what you think of the changes, though. Still undecided about the header graphic.

One thought on “Boom, WordPress

  1. I turn my back on TWJ for one minute.. ok a few weeks and look what happens! Nice to see you moving things along to where you want them, need to be in that comfort zone with the backbone of a blog to get on with the actual task of blogging! Keep up the good work sir.

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