The evolution of blogs

What’s it all about, Alfie Alex? I’ve been using a lot of Twitter recently, and in the process have been thinking about what this blog is really for. Over the years, it’s consistently evolved – originally it was a place for storing and sharing my photos, but Flickr’s taken that over; I used to put interesting links up, but let’s be honest, there’s a million linkers out there, and Delicious is easier to use and more flexible when it comes to storing neat things. The Wired Jester’s not a bad place to keep links to my journalism, and the books I read, but it’s starting to look pretty barebones now that Twitter threatens to usurp this blog as a place to note down/communicate what I’m actually doing. Many of the blogs I still read tend to be morphing into online magazines – Engadget, Jean Snow etc – so I wonder, if I’m going to keep this place going, do I need to be writing  article style posts? I tried it last month, and have to say that despite the time it took, the response wasn’t overwhelming…  I guess we’ll see :S

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