Cut Out And Keep

Been another busy week – secret plans have been ticking over, plenty to
do at work, and my Japanese abilities are gaining critical mass… or
not. I have however, been learning to tell the time! Ima nan-ji desu
ka? (Incidentally, if you want to see some Japanese critical mass, have
a look at this lovely cartoon, which tells the story behind a new game
called Katamari Damacy in which you have to… gain critical mass, to
replace the stars, which your drunken father has broken. Cartoon is
here, and there’s a video of the game here, both via the mighty Waxy)

Meanwhile, it’s come to my attention that I don’t link to a lot of other weblogs from this one – so, here’s The Blog Of Funk, also based in Islington, North London and, one recommended to me by a friend of mine: Autoblography.
Blog Of Funk is very odd and currently has an entertaining look at fish
and dreams. Autoblography is a bit of a contrast: it’s nice, and well
written. It’s the story of an
Englishman in New York (with no Sting references, fortunately), and
involving and evolving. Well worth your time.

And, one blog you should definitely check out is Flying Pig’s Workshop Diaries, here.
Flying Pig is a small UK based firm and they make paper automata: DIY
cardboard machines. They’re often very, very intricate, and incredibly
cleverly designed. They’re fascinating things – when you see one, you
realise how far away from machinery we live most of our lives.
Machinery now – like computers, or cars – is so complex that it becomes
sanitised, and  most people let this happen. Unless you’re very
technical, it’s easy to ignore how computers work, how cars work – what
makes things happen around us. And
it’s always a shame to lose curiosity.
Flying Pig’s main site is
here, and you can order on-line.

Pics: Flying Pig


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