I feel like a member of Greenpeace forced to drive to a Hummer
everywhere for a month, only it’s not the scarcity of fossil fuels
causing me concern… it’s time! The clock is ticking, and it’s not
quite as
much fun as it looked in 24. Although I don’t have terrorists after me,
but I don’t *think* they’re the missing ingredient in my life at the
moment. So any terrorists reading this and about to hit the e-mail
button… move along now.

Anyway. One thing helping me keep on top of
everything to do are Stickies
– post-its for Windows, basically. Very neat little application, and
perhaps the first decent thing I’ve seen built using Microsoft’s .NET
stuff. Certainly a lot better than ATi’s Control Center.

The Stickies link comes from Wonderland,
another excellent weblog that is well worth you checking out while the
Wired Jester dozes. She likes games, and how can anyone who likes games
be bad? (c.f. the Daily Mail….)


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