What I’m Reading

  Paul Watkins – Mont Blanc, France 
  Originally uploaded by Custom PC.

No, this isn’t me. The magazine I write for, the mighty Custom PC runs a regular feature, modestly entitled "World Domination," in which we encourage readers to send in pictures of themselves reading the magazine on their travels. Once they’ve been to a country, we then claim it on our Risk-style map, with our aim being to get the magazine to visit as many places as possible. Harmless imperialistic fun 😉 It’s one of those feautres that was never really planned – it just evolved. The initial idea was to get people to send in pics of themsleves wearing a CPC t-shirt. It was supposed to promote our merchandise, and it didn’t really take off. So it got tweaked to being "a picture of you with the magazine", and now it’s incredibly popular. So popular that even with a whole page in the magazine, we still can’t print all the pictures. We’ve now got our own Flickr account where we can show off all the pictures, like the cracking one above.

Aside from Custom PC, I’ve recently been reading Monkey Games, which is a good round up of interesting gaming news. Plus City Of Sound has an excellent in-depth analysis of the new Guardian layout, including a neat annotated pic on Flickr, here

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