My pictures are no longer Qoop’d up

The title is a terrible pun, I know. I blame my tabloid roots. I’m a big fan of Flickr, but one of the things that’s been missing from it is the ability to easily get photos printed (this is actually one of the things that made Flickr better than other web-based photo services – it wasn’t focussed on making £$ from prints). Anyway, they recently announced a link up with a printing service called Qoop.

In typical Flickr style, it’s more interesting than it first sounds – Qoop doesn’t offer individual prints, instead they do books or posters. I’ve just got a poster from them, and it’s top quality, really nice paper stock and great detail and colours. Considering I’ve never printed from my digital camera before, but I’m very impressed with how the pictures came out. And all for $10 (plus postage). 🙂

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