Robots, Monsters, Etc.

All my travelling recently has given me an opportunity to do a lot of reading, so the big list of books I have recently bumped off has been updated. One that doesn’t show up, becuase you can’t really ‘read’ it as such (it’s more for appreciation and chuckling purposes), is the lovelywonderful ‘Robots, Monsters, Etc.’, a mini graphic book – or book of postcards, I can’t really decide – by Tom Gauld. There’s a great feel to it; gothic, maybe, strange, sometimes sad, sometimes funny, it’s series of pictures about (as you might guess) – Robots and Monsters. The official site has some pictures which you can check out – one of which is below. I got my copy from the excellent bazaar of bonkers toys and graphic wonderment that is Playlounge, in central London (just off Carnaby street). It cost a fiver, and was well worth it.


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