Who owns your virtual life?

Article number three is up at Bit-Tech, entitled ‘Who Owns Your Virtual Life?’ It’s all about the thorny issue of intellectual property rights in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, and how popular titles like World of Warcraft are engaging – or not engaging – with user-generated content.

"MMO players play a significant role in creating the game, to the point that the creation of the game could be considered a partnership. Blizzard might provide the polygons and the servers, and script a few missions, but the intrigue, the stories, the emotional involvement, are all made by the players. What contributes more to the game’s sense of fun – the polygons, interface and horde of AI bad guys you fight, or the fact that using VoIP, you and people from all over the planet execute a flawless ambush with the kind of teamwork that makes Argentina’s 24-pass goal look passé, before making off with some top quality loot to enrich your guild’s coffers,and then having a good chuckle about with your comrades it on the forum? One, the other, or both?"

Have a read here.

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