Two cool Japanese iPhone apps

Via, a new iPhone apps blog, comes 51 Japanese Characters. Simple but fun, it features 51 Japanese “characters” – otaku, samurai, gyaru etc; give it a shake and it’ll mix and match their body parts. Secondly, from the Japan Graphic Designers Association (JAGDA) and Heidelberg Japan K. K.,  “(^_^)365(O_O)” (Hello 365) tear-off calendar forContinue reading “Two cool Japanese iPhone apps”

Added to the wishlist: PIXEL!

[Game] PIXEL!, an Xbox 360 Arcade title, recommended by Jean Snow’s new Game blog: “The third entry in the ‘Arkedo Series’ of retro inspired games, PIXEL! is a mostly straightforward take on the platforming genre, mixing 8-bit visuals with a current gen sheen. Arkedo still manages to give the game a very modern look, withContinue reading “Added to the wishlist: PIXEL!”

Free iPhone apps throughout December

No, this is not a spam post1. Throughout December, you can grab an iPhone app (all games so far) for free, from the wincingly named Appvent Calendar site. Update: Fixed a wrong link. Thanks, Richard! 1 Although arguably it is Google-bait. Perhaps I should have used an obscure song lyric or pun that Google can’tContinue reading “Free iPhone apps throughout December”

8-bit trip: Lego bricks as pixels

This video comprises “1,500 hours of moving Lego bricks and taking photos of them.” It’s not particularly coherent in terms of theme, unless you call “8-bit games and music rule” a theme. Which maybe we should. Worth it for the chiptune soundtrack, the use of Lego as pixels and the particularly nice Pacman shots, whichContinue reading “8-bit trip: Lego bricks as pixels”

Konami has dropped Six Days in Fallujah

Despite/because/completely independently of me writing a long and reasonably thought-out blog post about how Six Days in Fallujah might have the chance to address some of the long-running issues with war games making killing fun, its publisher has dropped it. Too controversial, it seems: ‘”We had intended to convey the reality of the battles toContinue reading “Konami has dropped Six Days in Fallujah”

In war games, killing is fun

[I wrote this for the blog I contribute to for work, over on bit-tech. I don’t generally cross-post stuff I write for work here, but the idea for it grew out of writing the Peleliu post, so I think there’s a good case to be made that it belongs here, too.] Konami’s recently announced SixContinue reading “In war games, killing is fun”

The Custom PC book: Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming

I’m pleased to announce the first ever Custom PC book, the Ultimate Guide To PC Gaming, out just in time for Christmas on the 4th of December. It’s everything you need to know about PC gaming in one 174-page book. It went to press yesterday, so we’ll get copies in the office at the endContinue reading “The Custom PC book: Ultimate Guide to PC Gaming”

Can the PlayStation 3 do anything right?

Like many tech journalists, I’ve certainly done my fair share of Sony hating. What makes Sony such an exasperating company for me is its past: Sony used to make technology that was genuinely interesting, inspired even, and it was worth buying. Its stuff used to be so good. I wrote a review of an all-in-oneContinue reading “Can the PlayStation 3 do anything right?”

Ghosts and Goblins and difficulty

Until now, fingerprints have been the most deadly threat the super-shiny PSP has had to face. Now, it is wrath. The frustrated wrath of a player of Ultimate Ghosts n’ Goblins. Man, it’s tough… but strangely compelling, too: “So why did I keep on playing? Partly it was because I didn’t want to write anContinue reading “Ghosts and Goblins and difficulty”

Top 10 Unique Game Controllers

Another article of mine is up at Bit-Tech – a top 10 list of ‘unique’ game controllers: “There’s only so far you can go with a traditional gamepad. A few talented, brave and frankly bonkers designers have managed to convince and cajole their corporate paymasters into creating a special, unique add-on controller, solely for theirContinue reading “Top 10 Unique Game Controllers”