Who owns your virtual life?

Article number three is up at Bit-Tech, entitled ‘Who Owns Your Virtual Life?’ It’s all about the thorny issue of intellectual property rights in massively multiplayer online roleplaying games, and how popular titles like World of Warcraft are engaging – or not engaging – with user-generated content. "MMO players play a significant role in creatingContinue reading “Who owns your virtual life?”

PSP Games Aren’t All Dull Ports

My first column for the excellent website Bit-Tech is now up, and it looks at two original PSP games, the Japan-only Beit Hell 2000 and Exit. "Although it is a mini-game compilation, it’s a lot stranger than that: having played it for the past couple of months, you could perhaps describe Beit Hell as aContinue reading “PSP Games Aren’t All Dull Ports”

What would waspish historian David Starkey be like as a chat show host?

This is the question that I rather unexpectedly had answered while channel-hopping through the more obscure reaches of cable TV space. More4, the third spin-off channel from Channel 4 (following FilmFour and E4) is supposed to show more cerebral stuff, but even I was surprised by The Last Word, a chat show hosted by historianContinue reading “What would waspish historian David Starkey be like as a chat show host?”