Nostalgia versus Final Fantasy

Column number two is now up at Bit-Tech: this time, it’s about nostalgia and whether old, great games can still be discovered in the way classic albums or films can.

"If something is great, it should be great whenever you pick it up buy a fresh copy of Pepper or Kane now and they’ll still blow you away: they were great in ’67 and ’41, and they’re great now. Is the same true of FFVII?"

In order to discuss the point, I bought a copy of Final Fantasy VII – an acclaimed game from 10 years ago that I’d never played. I then compared it to the newly released Elder Scrolls 4: Oblivion, and so the article ended up feeling like FFVII vs Oblivion… which got me Slashdotted (yay!) and so flamed (as you’d expect).Brill 🙂

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